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Canada-The best destination for Immigration and investment

“Canada –The best destination for Immigration and investment”

Canada-the best destination for immigration and investment according to the report of Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2021.

The organization works on the reputations of different nations around the world. The nations ranking depends on their perceived quality in six categories. Exports, governance, culture, people, tourism and Immigration and Investment.

Canada got first place in immigration and investment category this year. It measures perceptions of the nation’s ability to attract immigrants, foreign workers and international students. It also evaluates how each country’s quality of life and business environment is perceived.

Canada also scored top position for governance, which gauges perceptions of national government competency and fairness along with its perceived commitment to global issues like peace, justice, poverty and the environment.

Besides, Canada stood the top spot for the people category which examines the reputation of a nation’s populace for competence, openness, friendliness and tolerance.

Canada is maintaining a consecutive positive ranking in more three categories. Over the past couple of years, Canada has been in the top three overall on the Nation Brands Index.

Canada overtook the U.K., which held the second place spot in 2020. This year U.K. dropped to fifth place overall.

Canada runs 75-80 immigration programs approximately right now of which the mostly popular ones are as follows:

  1. Express Entry

1a. Express Entry Sub-category: Under Express Entry program there are some sub-categories as well, like: Alberta, Ontario, Nova-Scotia and Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category.

  1. PNPs: Apart from Express Entry main stream or sub-categories there are some independent provincial nomination programs also like: SINP, AINP,NSNP, OINP, MPNP, NLPNP,  and so on.

  2. Business Migration: Besides, there is another pathway of immigration through which one can easily enjoy the PR (Permanent Residence) facilities followed by the citizenship as well by maintaining a smooth process of a certain investment there that is well known as Business Migration.

There are various types of business migration such as Entrepreneur, Start-Up, Investor, and Owner Manager/Operator and so on.