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Nova Scotia Immigration Nominee Programs


Nova Scotia is a small province located in the Maritimes region of Canada, near the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of the peninsula of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, and more than 3,000 small islands. Its capital, the city of Halifax, is known as a large cultural center with a high standard of living. The province is famous its beautiful coastline and delicious cuisine.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is designed for immigrants with skills and experience that are in demand in the provincial economy. The NSNP helps accelerate the immigration process.

The NSNP consists of several immigration streams:

• Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
• Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
• Skilled Worker Stream
• Entrepreneur Stream
• International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

This stream is for highly qualified individuals with the appropriate education and experience that will help them settle in Nova Scotia. There is a list of 29 occupations that can apply for immigration within this stream.

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Nova Scotia uses the federal system of Express Entry to select candidates for this stream. It is designed for highly qualified candidates who have worked in the province for at least one year.

Skilled worker stream

Under this stream, applicants who have received a job offer from a Nova Scotian employer are accepted. Employees of skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled occupations are eligible to apply as well.

Entrepreneur Stream

This stream is designed for individuals who wish to start up, or acquire a business in Nova Scotia, while living in the province.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

This stream is designed for Nova Scotian graduates who have worked in the province for at least one year as a private entrepreneur (or business owner), and intend to permanently settle in the province.

Entrepreneur Immigration

Candidates who intend to live in British Columbia and invest in its economy can apply for permanent residence in Canada using the Entrepreneur Immigration program. This program is divided into two categories:

• Entrepreneur Category – This category is for senior managers and business owners who intend to invest in the BC economy
• Strategic Projects Category – In this category, companies with foreign capital can establish businesses in British Columbia, and up to five key foreign employees of such companies can be nominated for permanent residence in the province.

The Tech Pilot under the BC PNP

In August of 2017, British Columbia successfully launched the Tech Pilot Under the BC PNP. In this stream, the government issues weekly invitations to qualified registrants with valid job offers in key technology professions. The BC PNP Tech Pilot is designed for specialists from a list of 32 eligible occupations important for British Columbia’s technology sector, which is a major driver of economic growth in the province, with tech employment at its highest level ever recorded. The demand for talent in BC’s tech sector is increasing faster than the supply. The BC PNP Tech Pilot has been extended till June 2019.