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Manitoba (PNP)

Provincial Nominee

Certain provinces have their own business immigration categories within their

provincial nominee programs

1. Quebec Business Immigration: Investor, Entrepreneur & Self Employed

a. Investor requirements: (Subject to change)

 Minimum Net Asset: 1.6 million Canadian dollars- legally earned

 Experience: Three years (business or management level employment)

 Govt: Deposit 800,000 Canadian Dollars for 5 years (refundable) or

220,000 to third party authorized business group

 Application Fee: 15,000CAD+ Federal PR and Landing Fees


b. Quebec Entrepreneurs (Subject to change)

 Minimum verifiable net worth CDN$300,000/ (Applicant and/ or spouse)

 Investment required CAD $100,000/

 Business Experience 2 years minimum

 Business Plan needed regular application or acquisition of running business

 Visit to Quebec recommended and interview is required

 Participate in day to day management of business


c. Quebec Self Employed Class

 Required to create own job by practicing a profession or trade on your

own account

 Net assets of at least C$ 100,000 that have been legally obtained

 At least two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the

profession or trade

 age and the age of your spouse, where applicable

 the nature and duration of your respective profession training

 Language Skill: French and English

 Personal quality & knowledge of Quebec


2. Manitoba Business (MPNP-B)

 Have a minimum verifiable personal net worth CDN $350,000 (applicant

and or spouse)

 Investment required CDN $150,000 into a new or exiting business

 Have 3 years of proven experience in managing or owning a business

 Make a good faith deposit of CDN $100,000 (refundable) for permanent


 Business Intent (Plan) needed

 Visit to Manitoba is expected to earn point

 Expression of Interest – Online pool system with points factor


3. British Columbo PNP – Business (Entrepreneur)

 Minimum verifiable net worth CDN $600,000(Asset of applicant and


 Investment required minimum CDN$200,000 (within two years) to

remove condition

 3 years of proven experience in owning a business or managing


 Business Plan needed

 Visit to BC recommended but mandatory for purchasing business

 Pool System with points factor


4. Saskatchewan (SINP) – Entrepreneur

 Minimum verifiable net worth of CDN$ 500,000 (Applicant and

Spouse )

 Minimum investment required CDN $ 300,000 (Regina and

Saskatoon) & $200,000 (outside) into a new or existing business.

 3 years of proven experience in managing or owning a business.

 Business Establishment plan needed.

 visit & interview to Saskatchewan.

 Expression of interest pool system with points factor.


5. Nova Scotia (NANP) Entrepreneur

 Net worth of least $600,000 CAD

 Minimum investment $ 150,000 CAD of to establish a business in

nova scotia.

 have at least 3 years experience actively managing and owning a

business (1/3 ownership minimum) or more than 5 years experience

in senior business management role

 have a score of at least 5 on the Canadian language benchmark in

speaking, listening, reading and writing in English or French.

 Transcript evolution be required.

 Expression of interest pool system with points factor

 Connection to the Saskatchewan labour market and adaptability.