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Visitor Visa to Canada

Depending on your citizenship, your plans to visit Canada could be halted if you do not have a visitor visa. For
many people, the application process can be very complex.
Our company offers you several strategies for obtaining a visitor visa:
 Tours and organized trips for people with an extensive traveling background
 Invitation from family or friends
 Invitation from Canadian companies, or business tours
 Organization of visits to professional seminars, conferences, and exhibitions
 Short-term language courses (up to 6 months) for those who want to improve their English skills
 Support for children in summer or winter camps
The decision to issue a visitor visa is ruled by the Canadian embassy in the country of residence/citizenship of
the applicant. This decision is based on several important factors: your financial conditions, your employment
in your country of residence, and the confidence of the immigration officer that at the end of the visit, you will
return to your country of residence and won’t stay in Canada illegally.
Choosing the right strategy, and correctly filing the correct documents will increase your chances of being
approved for a visitor visa.
In the case that you are denied a visitor visa, we will resort to the appeal procedure using the CAIPS system,
which allows you to access your file and view the immigration officer’s comments on why you were denied, as
well as analyze the weaknesses of your application and take the appropriate measure to fix them.
A tourist in Canada has many ways of staying in Canada legally. These can include, taking a language course,
enrolling in a college or university, find an employer interested in hiring you, or claim protection as a refugee.