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Canada Immigration from Bangladesh

Canada Immigration from Bangladesh

Canada Immigration from Bangladesh is now a great hype among the people of Bangladesh. As per the report of the Bangladeshi community in Canada, about 150000 people have immigrated to Canada from Bangladesh.

Firstly, In the year 2020, significant people from Bangladesh couldn’t immigrate to Canada due to the covid-19 effect. Secondly, Considering the year 2019, about 10 thousand people from Bangladesh have immigrated to Canada. Young people from Bangladesh are trying to move to Canada to better and secure life for their family members. In fact, Canada is a wealthy country and well known for securing human rights and excellent educational facilities. There are more than 75 programs to have Canada Immigration from Bangladesh. However, most of the Bangladeshi people apply for skilled migration programs like Express Entry and some PNP programs such as Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick skill. Many people also apply for different Business and investor programs. Indeed, many students from Bangladesh go for higher study in Canada and after completing their studies, apply for point base application System (Skilled Migration).

Points required applying for PR (Permanent Residence): 

To be eligible for the Express Entry Skilled worker program, at least 67 points must be secure out of 100 according to the six selection factor assessment system to ensure the express entry pool and these points are calculated depending on educational qualifications, work experience, language proficiency, age, and others (i.e relatives in Canada).

The main CRS point is 600, and the additional point is 600. The total points are 1200. Particularly, depending on the requirement and conditions, your CRS point will be calculated. Firstly, In the express entry pool, those who have the highest number will get an invitation to apply (ITA) and eligible for PR application under EE. Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia province also select application from Express Entry pool. Secondly, For Saskatchewan and Manitoba PNP programs, there is another factor that can boost your profile by gaining a point for relatives in these specific Points.


Required Documents:

The first step of the Express Entry and PNP process is to create a profile, which requires certain documents:

After fulfilling all requirements, one can apply for Express Entry and sub-category PNP programs. However, His/her score will show his/her position in the Express Entry pool. For SINP programs, your Express of Interest (EOI) will be issued in the Saskatchewan PNP draw pool.

Proof of Fund:

The proof of funds defines that you have sufficient money to support you and your family members. If you are invited to any program, then you need to meet the settlement fund requirement. In addition, You can prove your proof of fund by providing financial documents from Bank or any financial organization. Moreover, You do not need to meet the funds’ requirement if you were invited to apply under the Canadian Experience Class.

FSWP and FSTP candidates must have this amount of money as proof of fund for their immigration to Canada.


Family members Fund
1 13213 CAD
2 16449 CAD
3 20222 CAD
4 24553 CAD
5 27847 CAD
6 31407 CAD

If you are applying for Canada Immigration from Bangladesh, you must show the above-mentioned fund according to your family members, and supporting documents should be in official letters from your bank or other financial organization.

Letters must:

Your showed fund must be available since you applied for Canada Immigration from Bangladesh and need to ensure that you haven’t borrowed this money from relatives or other persons.

Application Process:

Canada Government has advised applicants that if you can apply themselves, you can do. On the contrary, if you think that you are not capable of applying by yourself, you should hire a Canadian government Immigration Consultant. Additionally, You should search for an agency for Canadian immigration and look for a Canada-certified immigration consultant and process your file by the consultant. Otherwise, if you process your file through a fraud consultant, then the Canadian government may be banned you for five years.

Top 10 benefits of a Canada PR:

  1. Living and Work in Canada

Canada takes second place for living and works among all countries around the world. Undoubtedly, People want to set their destination to Canada for Economic growth, cultural influence, a Livable environment, and opportunities for entrepreneurs. Importantly, once you get a PR, you have the right to move to any territory or province in Canada. Moreover, No province officer, an employer can make you bound to stay in a specific place or province.

  1. Opportunity and surety to extend and renew visa after five years

Canadian Permanent residence card is valid for five years for a majority of PR holders. Moreover, no guidance is issued on how many times you can apply to extend a visa. Obviously, You must satisfy the visa officer for why your visa should be extended.

  1. Allows you to bring your family along!

Your families’ members can also live, study and work in Canada if they become permanent residents. However, if you are above 18 years old, then you can sponsor your family members.

  1. Free Education for children

The people who are PR holder, their children will have free education up to grade 12(until 18 years). Particularly, there are three levels of education in Canada and are Primary, Secondary, and Higher education. Moreover, tuitions fees in Universities lesser than Primary and Secondary levels.

  1. Universal Healthcare

The Canadian government offers healthcare for each PR holder in Canada. Medical care is free for all PR Holders, and prescribed drugs are also paid by the taxes pay the PR Takers. As a Permanent Residence in Canada, you can apply for health insurance.

       6. Social Benefits

Canada ensures lots of social benefits for PR Holders. There is a huge high-paying job available and also has tax rebates by which a PR holder can have a quality life. Other facilities include retirement money, disability benefits, and unemployed benefits, and survivor’s benefits for passed away workers.

  1. Road to Canadian Citizenship

If you are a PR holder, then you can live in Canada for five years. During these five years, if you physically stay 1095 days (3 years), then we will be eligible to apply for Citizenship in Canada.

  1. Freedom to Move

A PR taker can easily move all over Canada. There is no restriction to visit any province and you can take a job in another province and can live there with family members. In Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, mobility rights secure for PR holders.

  1. Freedom to Start a Business 

Permanent residents in Canada can easily start a business. There will be no challenges or issues to launch a new business without being a citizen of Canada

  1. Safe & Secure Environment

By the report of The Economist 2007, Canada is the most peaceful country in the world. The city of Vancouver has the best weather. Every PR and citizen’s life is secured by the government and authorities. There is no discrimination among the people.


The Canadian government has announced that they will take 1.2 million immigrants within 2023. It is a huge opportunity for Bangladeshi people to take this chance and apply for Canada Immigration from Bangladesh. The citizen of Bangladesh who is actually eligible to apply must do it and make a second home in one of the richest and livable countries since Canada is one of the richest and finest countries in the world.