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Get Canadian PR quickly!!

This will be the right way to approach Canadian Permanent Residency Status.

Below is the express Canadian entry process.

Step 1: Take IELTS coaching classes and book IELTS date 1 and a half month in future.

Step 2: Apply for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from World Education Services (WES) -World Education Services – Required Documents

Step 3: IELTS result and WES confirmation is received around the same time so you can create your EOI (Expression of Interest) to enter the Federal Skilled Worker’s express entry draw.

[Considering the fact that you have received appropriate bands and have reached to a respectable CRS score around the cut off points, if not]

Step 4: Canadian Government sends you an invitation in the next draw (there are 2 to 3 draws every month)

Step 5: You will be given 60 days to submit all the documents including Medical and PCC.

Sep 6: After submission, Canadian government sends you a passport request after 3–5 months of document submission. Your passport is stamped with PR visa and is sent back to you in 1 week’s time.

Step 7: Once you receive your passport, you are asked to go to Canada within the 365 days of your medical examination.

Medical examination is to be taken only after Step 4, let’s assume you receive the invitation in August and you take medical test on 14th August 2018 and submit all the documents. Canadian government sends passport request in December. Now you are all set once passport is sent back. You need to enter Canada before 14th August 2019.

There are various factors that affect the total processing time of the express entry process. If your education, age, experience and IELTS do not give you a high CRS then you will not get picked under the FSW draw until the draw comes down to your level. In that case you may have to wait for weeks and months for STEP 4. In such cases, re-appear for IELTS for better score or apply for Provincial Nominee Programs