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SINP In-Demand Occupation List- 2019

SINP In-Demand Occupation List, revised on April 17, 2019.

National Occupation Classification (NOC) Occupations & Descriptions SINP Requirements Related to Professional Status or Licensure  SINP Requirements Related to Education
 0423 Managers in social and community services Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Social Work. Provide your educational credential assessment (ECA) from a designated organization. You must have completed a four year degree program in a social science field.
1226 Conference and event planners conference and meeting planner, conference planner, conference services officer, convention co-ordinator, event planner, festival organizer, meeting planner, special events organizer, trade show planner You must have completed a degree or a minimum two year diploma program in hospitality, public relations or tourism.
1311 Accounting technicians accounting bookkeeper

accounting technician


bookkeeping clerk

budget officer

finance officer

financial officer

senior bookkeeper

You must have completed a minimum two year diploma program in accounting which includes specialized courses in automated accounting, taxation, financial and cost accounting, auditing, intermediate accounting, managerial accounting and accounting information systems.
2174 Computer Programmers and interactive media developers application programmer, business application programmer, computer game developer, computer programmer, e-business (electronic business) software developer, interactive media developer, multimedia developer, operating systems programmer, programmer analyst, scientific programmer, software developer, software programmer, systems programmer, Web programmer You must have completed a minimum three year program in computer science, information technology, computer science systems, or a related discipline in integrated multimedia or computing science.  Computer Science engineering programs will not be considered.
2251 Architectural technologists and technicians architectural design technician

architectural design technologist

architectural technician

architectural technologist

You must have completed a degree or minimum two year diploma program in architectural technology.
3211 Medical laboratory technologists clinical immunology technologist, cytogenetics technologist – medical laboratory, histology technologist, immunohematology technologist, medical laboratory supervisor, medical laboratory technologist, medical technologist – medical laboratory
3215 Medical radiation technologists clinical instructor, radiation therapy, mammography technician, nuclear medicine clinical instructor, nuclear medicine technologist, radiation oncology technologist

radiation therapist, radiation therapy technologist (RTT)

radiography technologist, radiological technologist

radiotherapy technician, supervisor, nuclear medicine technologists, X-ray (radiology) technician

3216 Medical sonographers diagnostic medical sonography instructor, medical sonographer, medical sonographers’ supervisor, registered diagnostic medical sonographer (RDMS), ultrasound technologist
3234 Paramedics advanced care paramedic, ambulance attendant, critical care paramedic, emergency medical technician (EMT), emergency medical technician, paramedic; emergency medical technologist – paramedic (EMT-P), paramedic, primary care paramedic, supervisor, ambulance services
4151 Psychologists clinical psychologist,

experimental psychologist,

psychological associate

psychologist, research psychologist

4212 Social and community service workers Aboriginal outreach worker, addictions worker, child and youth worker, community development worker, community service worker, crisis intervention worker, developmental service worker, drop-in centre worker, family service worker, group home worker, income maintenance officer – social services, life skills instructor, mental health worker, rehabilitation worker – social services, social services worker, veteran services officer, welfare and compensation officer, women’s shelter supervisor, youth worker You must have completed a degree or minimum two year diploma program in social work, child and youth care, social science or psychology.
4214 Early childhood educators child care worker assistant, child care worker, daycare, daycare helper, daycare supervisor, daycare worker, early childhood assistant, early childhood education worker, early childhood educator – preschool, early childhood educator (E.C.E.), early childhood program staff assistant, early childhood supervisor,  preschool helper, preschool supervisor
4215 Instructors of persons with disabilities   You must have completed a degree or minimum two year diploma program with a specialization in special education, rehabilitation, orientation and mobility, visual impairment, hearing impairment or intellectual disability.
5254 Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness aerobics instructor, camp counsellor, certified personal trainer, day camp leader, fitness appraiser, fitness instructor, gymnastics teacher, personal trainer, playground worker, recreation program leader, recreation technician, riding instructor, ski instructor, ski patrol, swimming instructor – sports You must have completed a degree or minimum two year diploma program in recreation, sports or fitness discipline.
6331 Meat Cutters butcher apprentice

butcher, retail

fishmonger – retail

head butcher – wholesale

meat cutter – retail or wholesale

supermarket meat cutter

You must have completed a meat cutting apprenticeship program, or vocational training in meat-cutting which includes at least two years of on the job training.
6332 Bakers baker

baker apprentice

bakery supervisor

bread baker

head baker

You must have completed a minimum two year diploma program or a vocational training program specializing in baking and pastry arts which includes at least one year of on the job training.
7292 Glaziers   You must have completed an apprenticeship program or vocational training as a glazier.
7312 Heavy-duty equipment mechanics/technicians agricultural equipment technician, construction equipment mechanic,

diesel mechanic – heavy equipment, farm equipment mechanic,

heavy equipment mechanic, heavy mobile logging equipment mechanic, heavy mobile mining equipment mechanic, heavy-duty equipment mechanic apprentice, heavy-duty equipment technician, locomotive mechanic, tractor mechanic

You must have completed an apprenticeship program or vocational training as a heavy-duty equipment mechanic/technician.
7321 Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers apprentice motor vehicle mechanic, automobile mechanic, automotive service technician, brake systems mechanic, bus mechanic, mechanical upgrader – motor vehicle manufacturing, motor repairer – motor vehicle manufacturing, transmission mechanic, truck and transport mechanic, truck-trailer repairer, tune-up specialist – motor vehicle You must have completed an apprenticeship program or vocational training as either an automotive service technician, truck and bus mechanic, or mechanical repairer.
7322 Motor vehicle body repairers autobody repairer, automotive body mechanic, automotive glass technician, automotive painter – motor vehicle repair, automotive painter apprentice, metal finisher – motor vehicle manufacturing, metal repairer – motor vehicle manufacturing, motor vehicle body repairer apprentice, motor vehicle body technician – truck, painter – motor vehicle repair You must have completed an apprenticeship program or vocational training as a motor vehicle body repairer.