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Canada’s leading industries are looking for skilled immigrants like you to fill urgent skills gaps. This is the place to take the first step and start applying for your next big career opportunity in Canada. You can search for Canadian employers by industry to find a suitable job that matches your skills and qualifications using […]

চলতি বছরেই ৩ লাখ ৫ হাজার জনের ইমিগ্রেশনের সুযোগ দিচ্ছে কানাডা সরকার। দেশটিতে ফেডারেল প্রোগ্রাম সহ ১১টি প্রদেশে বিভিন্ন ক্যাটাগরিতে ইমিগ্রেশনের এ ঘোষণা দিয়েছে সরকার। কানাডা সরকারের চলতি বছরের অভিবাসন পরিকল্পনায় জানানো হয়েছে, কানাডার অর্থনীতিতে অবদান রাখতে পারবে—এমন লোক নেওয়া হবে এক লাখ ৬০ হাজার ৬০০ জন। ৮০ হাজার পরিবার, শরণার্থী হিসেবে ৫৫ হাজার ৮০০ […]

1. Alberta – C$78,154 Alberta is a province in the western section of Canada. It is the most populous of the three Prairie Provinces. The capital of the province is Edmonton, though the largest city is Calgary. It is the main supply and service hub of oil sands. It is also considered as a major […]

1. Old Québec Visitors to Old Québec soon see why UNESCO designated it a world heritage treasure! You’ll love Château Frontenac (the world’s most photographed hotel), the centuries-old architecture, and the historic sites. The friendly atmosphere and affable locals add to the European charm. You’ll find horse-drawn carriages, street entertainers, singers, and artists, particularly at Old Québec’s own open-air art gallery, […]

Canada is universally celebrated for its natural wonders, from its huge mountains to calm lakes, imposing glaciers to wild forests. This magnificent country is also recognized as one that really makes life worth living and is by far one of the most multi-cultural in the planet. These and other aspects make Canada an ideal study-abroad destination and with Red Leaf you can visit Canada and plan a tailor-made stay there for less than you imagine. Look over these 5 reasons why you should visit Canada

Canada is a great place to live that has a lower crime rate in most of it’s metropolitan areas and small towns compared to the US. Canada can be a very cold country in parts but you can enjoy the winter sports beyond hockey such as skiing, snowmobiling and tobogganing.

Canada is undoubtedly a very beautiful country which is also one of the most peaceful in the world and has been enjoying a high rate of immigration in the past few decades. Thousands of immigrants from around the world like to immigrate to Canada for a better and prosperous future.

Many people choose to select Canada to migrate to because they have seen others who have already migrated to Canada and who are spending a very prosperous life there and so they are tempted to join them and live a peaceful and comfortable life themselves in that North African country.

Here are the 25 best countries to live in the world today: 1.     Germany 2.     Canada 3.     United Kingdom 4.     United States of America 5.     Sweden 6.     Australia 7.     Japan 8.     France 9.     Netherlands 10.  Denmark 11.  New Zealand 12.  Austria 13.  Italy 14.  Luxembourg 15.  Singapore 16.  Spain 17.  China 18.  Ireland 19.  South […]