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Manitoba PNP Immigration program for business: Business Investor Stream

Business Investor Immigration Stream

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B) is a stream which allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business people with the intent and ability to reside in the province and make a significant investment in a new or existing business and hold an active managerial role. This stream operates on an Expression of Interest (EOI) system whereby prospective applicants submit their intention to apply to the program. The most qualified are invited to apply by receiving a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) from the MPNP-B. After receiving a LAA, candidates have 60 days to submit their application to the program.

Minimum Requirements

In order to be eligible for MPNP-B, applicants must:

  • Have a minimum verifiable personal net worth of $350,000 CAD;
  • Have a minimum three years of successful business ownership and management experience or executive-level experience as senior manager of a business within the past five years;
    • Business ownership experience: the applicant has been actively engaged in providing goods or services to customers and bears the risk of return for the capital investment in the business enterprise.
    • Senior management experience: the applicant has held a position in the highest level of management of a major business in which he or she has been responsible for strategic policy development.
      • The applicant’s position must have significant decision-making responsibilities involving at least two of the following aspects of business:
        • Distribution
        • Production/Operations/Project management
        • Purchasing
        • Sales
        • Marketing
        • Finance
        • Accounting
        • Human Resources/Personnel
        • Research and Development
        • Information Technology management
        • Quality Control
      • The applicant must demonstrate that his or her level of income is comparable to the prevailing income level of senior managers of other major businesses in the same country.
  • Make an Eligible Business Investment in Manitoba;
  • Attend an interview with an MPNP-B officer;
  • Demonstrate sufficient language proficiency by providing results from a language competency test taken in the past two years at an approved testing agency;
    • English:
      • International English Language Test System (IELTS)
      • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) – available in Canada only
    • French:
      • Test d’Évaluation de Français (TEF)
      • Test de connaissance du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada) 
  • Have the intention and ability to reside in Manitoba with all dependent family members; and
  • Score a minimum of 60 points in the Adaptability Assessment Matrix.

Candidates may also be required to conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba. Applicants will need to provide proof of research conducted during the visit in the form of a visit report and other documents.

Adaptability Assessment Matrix

The Adaptability Assessment Matrix is used to evaluate applicants’ potential to successfully settle in Manitoba and become economically established. Applicants must score 60 points or more in order to be nominated.

Age (Maximum 15 points)

Under 210
21 to 245
25 to 2910
30 to 4415
45 to 495
50 to 545
Over 540

Business Knowledge (Maximum 15 points)

Business KnowledgePoints
Business Owner and manager (more than 50% ownership)15
Business Owner and manager (20% to 50% ownership)12
Senior Manager10
  • If the applicant owns multiple businesses, only the percentage of ownership of the main/principal business will be considered for the purpose of this criterion.
  • If the applicant’s spouse owns shares in the same business, the combined ownership will be counted together for the purpose of this criterion.
  • If the applicant owns less than 20% share in a business then he or she must be a senior manager to qualify for the MPNP-B.

Business Experience (Maximum 15 points)

Length of ExperiencePoints
10 years or more15
Above 6 to 10 years10
Above 3 to 6 years5
  • Length of experience is counted only for senior management or business ownership experience as defined by the MPNP-B.  No points will be awarded for other experience. 

Net Worth (Maximum 15 points)

Total Net WorthPoints
Over $2.5 Million15
Above $2 Million to $2.5 Million14
Above $1.5 Million to $2 Million13
Above $1 Million to $1.5 Million12
Above $500,000 to $1 Million10
$350,000 to $500,0008

English and/or French Fluency (Maximum 20 points)


CLB/NCLC or equivalent test scores


Higher language proficiency — candidate can communicate very well or is fluent in English/FrenchAbove 620
Moderate language proficiency — candidate has some English/French skills and can communicate well in most everyday situations4 to 615
No/little English/French language proficiency — candidate has minimal or no English/French language skills)Less than 40
  • To be scored for this criterion, an applicant must submit test results from an approved language-testing organization (IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF) as proof of language proficiency.
  • The test must be taken no more than two years before the date that the Expression of Interest (EOI) is submitted to the MPNP-B, and the official results must be submitted as a required document with the MPNP-B application.

Enhanced Settlement Factors (Maximum 20 points)

Settlement FactorsPoints
The applicant has visited Manitoba for at least five working days and conducted relevant business and lifestyle-related research15
The applicant’s spouse has a high language proficiency (CLB score of 5 or above)10
The applicant has a close relative currently residing in Manitoba for more than one year5
The applicant’s child is enrolled in an accredited Manitoba educational institution at least six months prior to the date of submission of Nomination Application and is actively pursuing academic, professional or vocational training on a full-time basis.5
The applicant or accompanying spouse or common-law partner has completed a program of full-time study of at least one year at a post-secondary institution in Manitoba. This must have been done after turning 17 years old and with a valid study permit.
The applicant or accompanying spouse or common-law partner has completed at least six months of continuous full time employment in Manitoba. The applicant must provide a letter of reference from his/her employer and a copy of his/her work permit.
  • The Exploratory Visit must be conducted no more than one year prior to submission of an EOI.
  • Applicants must provide documents supporting the enrolment of their children in an accredited Manitoba educational institution.
  • A close relative must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and residing in Manitoba for more than one year. A close relative is defined as a sister/brother, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, grandparent or first cousin. Proof of relationship must be provided. Proof that he or she is well-established in Manitoba is required as well (proof of employment, proof of residence, Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment, etc.).

Refundable Deposit

Once an applicant receives a nomination from the MPNP-B, he or she will be required to submit a good-faith deposit of CDN $100,000. When the applicant has met the terms and conditions of the Deposit Agreement, it will be refunded in whole, without interest. If an applicant should choose to withdraw his or her application prior to landing in Canada as a permanent resident, he or she will have the deposit refunded as well. 

When Not to Apply

Candidates should not apply if they:

  • Have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada;
  • Are in Canada illegally;
  • Are subject to a removal order in Canada;
  • Are prohibited from entering Canada;
  • Have an application pending with another Provincial Nominee Program in Canada;
  • If your intention is to establish a primary production farming operation;
  • Had a prior MPNP-B application refused within the last 12 months; or
  • Had a prior MPNP-B application refused for misrepresentation or false documentation within the last 24 months.

Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

The Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative takes an active role in identifying new permanent residents to the community under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Successful candidates and their dependent family members will become permanent residents of Canada. Morden, Manitoba is a city lying 112 km southwest of Winnipeg with a population of around 9,000. The local unemployment rate is around three percent.

Minimum Requirements

In order to be eligible to apply for the Morden immigration initiative, candidates must:

  • Be between 21 and 45 years of age;
  • Have no other connection to other parts of Canada (i.e. through friends, relatives, or previous employment or education);
  • Have completed a post-secondary education or training program of at least one year duration, for which they received a diploma, certificate, or degree;
  • Have at least two years of full-time work experience in the past five years;
  • Have passed a General IELTS test with a minimum score of five in each band;
  • Have the genuine intention and ability to economically establish themselves and settle in Morden; and
  • Have settlement funds as required by MPNP ($10,000 for the Principal Applicant and $2,000 for each dependent). This is in addition to any funds needed for exploratory visit expenses.

The Morden immigration initiative works with local employers to identify these targeted occupations and satisfy local labour market needs. Candidates must fall within one of the following targeted occupations:

  • Cabinetmakers;
  • Manufacturing (specifically at entry level);
  • Factory sewing machine operators, and
  • Heavy vehicle mechanics.

The initiative will favour candidates who have experience of living in a rural area, with the ability to adapt to culture and climate. Candidates who fulfil the criteria and have been selected as potential immigrants to Morden under the initiative will be required to make an exploratory visit to the area. The main purpose of the visit is to pass the MPNP interview, though making local contacts and seeking employment opportunities are also suggested.